About Splashirt

Hi there, my name is Lennart Konst. I’m the founder of Splashirt.com. Let me explain a little more about what this site offers and what we as a company stand for.


We are a website which solely offers T-shirts with sayings, phrases, quotes and slogans on them. We enjoy dedicating ourselves to the art and science of coming up with, designing, publishing and promoting original and catchy phrases of text on good quality tees.


Just like we enjoy coming up with and creating our own designs of sayings and phrases, we have this big vision of making a complete and easy to use T-shirt database in which you can search for tees with quotes and slogans in a very practical manner.

To make the process of finding tee shirts in the database as clearly, easily and practically as possible, we have a realtime search function called ‘Search The T-Shirt Database’ (found under the ‘T-Shirt Database’ section). This function displays a drop-down menu right after you typed in any keyword of relevance to your product.


As you browse through the products inside our database; please be aware of the fact that in the title of every product you can easily see and notice from which website or store we pulled the tee shirt over, if the shirt is not in-house made. The you can click on ‘Go Buy’ near the product to get led to the site that sells the particular tee you want to buy or just have a look at. Only when the title shows it’s a ‘Splashirt’-designed T-shirt you’ll be able to buy the shirt on this website through a safe and reliable order-payment procedure (PayPal or credit card).


We sincerely hope users on this site will have a fun time browsing the database.


To make this whole long story a bit shorter:

We create some designs and sayings on T-shirts ourselves and we offer tees from other stores for show in our Splashirt.com database. It will be a mixture of ‘Splashirt’-owned tee designs and designs from other stores. In this way we’d be able to create this full-blown and complete list of tee shirts (with phrases and sayings on them), just the way we’re envisioning to do in the near to far future.

We will continue to work hard on improving and expanding the site to a point where every wish you could have for a certain cool, funny, and/or inspiring tee shirt (with an original slogan or phrase), may be fulfilled..


Have fun and happy browsing. 🙂


Lennart Konst (founder and owner of Splashirt.com)