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First product in the Splashirt store!

There it is! The first product have been uploaded in the new Splashirt store. Great quality T-shirts are being sold with Splashirt sayings and phrases on it.

Go ahead and take a look! Splashirt Store. New products will be uploaded in the next few days and weeks.

The first T-shirt we’ve put in the Store is a T-shirt with on of our phrases “2 hot 4 hell”.

White T-shirt with black writing on it saying "2 hot 4 hell"





In the upcoming time new phrases will be put on T-shirts and appear in the store including:

-I don’t get it.


-lol. fame

-Life is cool

-money buys nothing

-psychopaths are hot

Many more than this will be uploaded into the store the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, make sure you follow us on Twitter, so you can stay updated on all news regarding our website.

Have a great day,

Lennart Konst

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First blogpost

Welcome to the company blog!

Here we will share everything relating to the the development, news, evolvements and improvements of our company. We will share what’s on the list for this website, and certain T-shirt lines we are working on bringing out to the public.

We will happily interact with you about everything regarding this site, the company, and lines of T-shirts. Please feel free to leave comments below blogposts so we can keep working effectively on making your Splashirt experience even better.

Do you have any idea’s for T-shirts, are a designer, or would like to work with us in another field? Don’t hesitate to take a look at our contact page, where you can leave a message and we will respond to you as quickly as possible.

Please have fun on this blog and on the website!

Best wishes,

Lennart Konst (founder of